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In pictures: Sudan

Distant Places

Distant places can be inspiring and mind-boggling at the same time. Being far away from our ‘ordinary’ is both liberating and bewildering at once. This is why an experienced guiding hand, someone who has traveled that road first-hand, makes a world of difference.
The ideal trip is never about changing a place, or yourself. It is always about finding that prosperous crossroads where all come together in learning and enchantment. And we will go the distance to find that place for you.

Different cultures

You will encounter unique cultures across the Vanishing Worlds. Some thrive a stone’s throw from one another, many nurture unique tribal ways, while others are steeped in ancient times barely brushed by modernity.
An open heart and mind are the key to honest insights, but proper preparation guarantees a personalized experience. From the trip request form, over in-depth communication, to on-the ground expertise, we strive to indulge all your interests, but even more so – your spontaneous curiosity.

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Alan continues to explore the Vanishing Worlds, not only to craft new itineraries for curious travelers, but to indulge his own curiosity. Joining him on a reconnaissance trip – the ‘raw’, unmanicured journey filled with surprises and genuine discovery, is a unique adventure for seasoned travelers. If you wish to consider joining Alan on his next trip, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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If you wish to find out more about where Alan is going next, and want to considering joining him on the trip, hit the button! Partake in the crafting of the future Vanishing Worlds itineraries! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In pictures: Arhitecture

Quirks for the Curious

Saint Louis
This was a capital of French West Africa in early 1900s. And little is left from past glamour and shine. But still, fantastic place to visit! Saint Louis feels like going back in time with it's classic French architecture and the wild African charm on the streets. Once you cross to the harbor and to N'Dar island, true Africa reveals. While this town has a potential to be one of the World's top travel hot spots, it is now just a big mess of color, scents, smiles and smiles.
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Fascist Architecture of Asmara
Asmara is a unique place. With eternal spring weather, it is one of the most pleasant places on Earth for living. It is also a very pretty place with unique architecture reflecting Italian colonial rule. From Cinema Impero, to communal houses and stunning Fiat gas station, walking the streets of Asmara gives a very unique feeling: more classic European than African. And if you are staying at "Albergho Roma" hotel, you will only need Sophia Loren in maid outfit to complete the scene from a Fellini movie. And one more thing, there are no traffic lights in this 600 000 people city. They realized they don't need them after one power outage. Very polite and nice people.
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The Lotus Farm
The Lotus Farm is basically a large lake producing thousands of lotus flowers which are harvested to create a unique, silk-like textile. Lotus is, of course, used in Khmer cuisine as well. Pretty much all parts of the plant are edible but we prefer the dried seeds. They have a nut-like flavor and are often sold dried in western countries. Lotus farm makes for a nice, non-touristy detour from the main route and you can get a good picture of how people live in Cambodia.
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Port Moresby Nature Park
Nature surrounding Port Moresby is wonderful. Typical tropical jungle with an abundance of birdlife. To see some unique birds of this fascinating country, Port Moresby Nature park is a wonderful place. Although we prefer to see birds free, in the nature, this park is well worth visiting: for variety of birds and great grounds that are in contrast with rest of Port Moresby. From most of birds of paradise to cassowaries - and some mammals - Port Moresby Nature park is well worth the visit.
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Straw Hats of Yemen
One of the most curious and unusual details you will see in the mainland are the strange, tall hats worn by local women in the fields. Despite the scorching heat, Yemeni women are dressed in black burqas while working in the fields and the only relief, apparently, is coming through these tall hats. The hats are made of dried and braided strips of date palm leaves and are characteristic to Hadramaut province of Yemen. These strange hats are called madhalla and please ask for permission before taking a photo.
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Tailored Clothing
One of the coolest things one can get in Vietnam is definitely a piece of tailored clothing. Numerous local tailors offer all sorts of clothing: from simple summer shirts to three-piece suits. Local Hanoi tailors are known for exceptional and fast work. Hoi An is one of the most popular places to get your clothes tailored at more than 300 tailors and leather-workers.
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Stećak Monuments
Just recently added to UNESCO World Heritage list, stećak tombstones are shared by nearly all the nations of the Balkans but Bosnia has most of them: about 60 000. There are several variations of this unique monument and most recognizable are the ones in the shape of a sarcophagus with various decorations on them. Radimlja necropolis near Stolac in Hercegovina is one of major sites to visit if curious about this unique tradition.
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