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How it all started

FIRE WAS CRACKLING inside the Darvaza gas crater, a gaping fiery hole surrounded by the vastness of Turkmenistan’s Karakum desert. Gazing into what he thought looked like the world’s largest fire pit, Alan Mandić suddenly realized that just 50 years ago – this place didn’t even exist! Then it struck him: the haste and irreversibility of change on our planet! And he realized that unique corners of the world needed to have their own dedicated advocate. In that moment, the Vanishing Worlds became.


LOCAL ENCOUNTERS can make or break an experience. Either way, close exchanges with people who live in the destination you visit teach you loads about the local ways of being. The trick to getting smart and deep insights is adapting to the social and cultural norms as much as you can. Our designers and locals will advise you on local customs, dress codes, appropriate behaviors and the likes, so you can engage in the culture, rather than just observe it.

PARTNERS & FIXERS who we collaborate with locally are the same people who made our trips special and unique. We recommend them based on first-hand experience of both travelling and working with them. Our locals – guides, drivers, chefs, storytellers and others, are proud people with a passion for their country and are instrumental to the success of your journey. Their stories, and their network of collaborators, are your window into the realities of your travel destination.

Our team


Our Mauritanian colleague is a kind-hearted spirit, whose smile beams with pride of his country and its heritage. Together with his chauffeur, Alioune has travelled all over Mauritania, the country of the size of France. He knows every backroad, every shortcut and every scenic stop that will make your experience unique.



The salt of the earth in Yemen, Kais was born in Sanaa. Travelling with him, you are likely to think he seems to know everybody – that is because he does! Kais always says that it is his vast local knowledge and his far-reaching network that enable him to do little miracles for his guests.



The nicest smile of Ethiopia! Originally from Addis Ababa, Muna is a well of insights into the differences between the many peoples and tribes which make up Ethiopia’s cultural wealth. Great communicator, with excellent command of English, she will proudly show you all the beauty of her country.



Tilly made a name for herself guiding many international business groups around Turkmenistan. Educated abroad, Tilly speaks a native-level English and is incredibly knowledgeable of her country's history and culture. Very proud of her Turkmen heritage, she brings her stories to life with many first-hand insights and recollections.


And many more

Global team

What do you get when you couple a global team of travel designers with a local pool of experienced on-the-ground experts? You get a perfectly personalized, uncompromisingly authentic experience tailored to the savvy traveler. 

Rely on our travel designers to understand your contemporary needs, and on our local teams to deliver them in the spirit of the local culture.


Passion is the key ingredient to all our journeys! Having personally experienced the sense of wonder in each of the countries we tailor trips in, we strive to create itineraries which will do the same for you. We obsess about the little details, double and triple check, and make sure we pack only the most authentic experiences for you. To ensure our service is fully focused and highly personalized, we work on a limited number of itineraries at one time.

Contact us

If you want to beat globalization to the vanishing worlds, please get in touch. 

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Special opportunity!

Alan continues to explore the Vanishing Worlds, not only to craft new itineraries for curious travelers, but to indulge his own curiosity. Joining him on a reconnaissance trip – the ‘raw’, unmanicured journey filled with surprises and genuine discovery, is a unique adventure for seasoned travelers.

Contact us for more details

If you wish to find out more about where Alan is going next, and want to considering joining him on the trip, hit the button! Partake in the crafting of the future Vanishing Worlds itineraries! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.