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Country info
Square area:
28,748 km²
2.9 million
Albanian lek (L)
Mainly Islam, part Cristianity
Mostly younger people
Safety level
Albania is a very safe country. Random acts of violence are practically unheard of and even pick-pocketing is uncommon

Traveling in Albania, count the concrete bunkers. Like mushrooms, thousands of them dot the country’s landscapes. Many are wasting away – like the harsh communist regime which built them already did. Others are turned into places of gathering, like bars, accommodation, and shops, embodying the opening of Albania. 

In this land where tribal ways still run the everyday affairs, hospitality comes naturally. People are kind-hearted, giving and genuinely welcoming. An old saying goes: “an Albanian house belongs to God and the guest”. As you travel in Albania, you will discover that this ancient wisdom still holds true both in its urban and rural areas. 

  • Look for the strokes of the Ottoman, Fascist and Soviet eras in the buzzy capital of Tirana. 
  • Explore UNESCO towns of Berat, the “city of windows”, and Gijrokastёr, home to the Cold War Tunnel. 
  • Marvel at Albania from high above hiking in the Accursed Mountains or paragliding in the Llogara National Park. 
  • Shop for Albanian crafts, from felt hats ‘qelshe’ to handloom-made ‘qilima’ (carpets).
  • Soak up the Mediterranean sun on the sandy beaches in Ksamil in southern Albania.




Perfect For

Albania offers a wide variety of cultural sights and interesting stories to be heard!


Lakes, mountains, beaches, ancient ruins and Albanian locals are the essence of Albania!


Fantastic Albanian food can be found all around the country. Albanian gastronomy is excellent, fresh and tasty; make sure you try the traditional dishes of the Land of the Eagles!


World class Greek monuments and Illyirian heritage is just a glimpse of the history of Albania.


Itinerary ideas

At Tirana Airport, you will be welcomed by our representative and begin your tour of Tirana. Visit the sites such as the National Historical Museum and Et'hem Bey Mosque and finish up at a tower sky bar.
After breakfast, head toward the coastal town of Saranda. On your way, visit the major towns and riveting sites of the Albanian Riviera like the town of Vlora, the Llogara National Park and the Fortress of Ali Pasha.
Head out to Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage city and visit the temple of Asclepeon and the largest Basilica in southern Albania, among other. Enjoy a dinner in Lekuresi Castle at sunset.
Depart toward Gjirokaster. Spend the day in 'the town of thousand steps', visiting historical sites such as the National Museum of Arms and enjoying the view of the Drinos Valley from the Fortress.
Depart toward Berat, a city that perfectly showcasts the Ottoman architecture. 'The town of thousand windows' is home to numerous mosques and churches situated in the valley of Osumi River beneath the Tomor Mountain.
Head to one of the oldest Albanian towns, Durres. Explore the Old Town showcasing Byzantine and Roman marvels. Meet the locals and enjoy the traditional drink raki. Visit the city of Kruja and explore its Old Bazaar and the national museums.
Enjoy some free time on your own in the morning, before the transfer to the airport for your departure flight.
Travel along the Albanian Riviera for the best experience of this astounding country. Visit the major cities and sites, and enjoy some of the most spectacular views Albania has to offer.
Upon your arrival to Tirana Airport, you will be welcomed by our representative for a transfer to your hotel. After settling in, proceed with exploring of the vibrant city and its main attractions. After the tour, enjoy the rest of the day at leisure.
Your Albanian journey takes you to past; today depart toward Gjirokaster. You will be welcomed by a local family and enjoy a traditionally prepared meal, before heading to the historical site Antigonia, and visiting a wool workshop in Saraqinisht.
Transfer to the village of Labova and a visit to one of the most important Byzantine monuments of the entire Balkans. After a short coffee break, you will begin your hike toward the village of Libohove. Visit many historical sits along the way.
Now that you are in Gjirokaster, you will be joining a local family for an exclusive cooking experience. After getting all the necessary ingredients, begin with preparing a mouthwatering meal. After lunch, there will be a cultural tour of Gjirokaster.
Visit a local farm in the region of Zagori and see the process of making local produce. A hike will follow to enjoy some spectacular views, before heading back for lunch and transfer to Nokove village where you will watch an alcoholic beverage raki being prepared.
Your journey further takes you along the stunning Albanian Riviera toward the Ionian Coast. Visit the towns of Butrint, Ksamil and marvel at the beauty of the Porto Palermo Bay. After a visit to the castle of Ali Pasha, continue to Dhermi for dinner.
Head back to Tirana to visit the Llogara National Park. Llogara is probably the most beautiful site in Albania, showcasing everlasting greenery, countless natural resources and diverse animal and bird species. There will be a farewell dinner prepared at a special slow-food restaurant in Tirana.
Check out after breakfast and meet up with your private chauffer for a transfer to the airport for your outbound flight.
Be prepared for a real treat; Albania's beauty is not to be underestimated. Enjoy this amazing program packed with the best historical and cultural sites there are in Albania!
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What to Expect

As one would expect Tirana as capital has a wide range accommodation offer. From 5* luxury hotels to boutique or business properties. Outside big cities you will mostly encounter family-run private accommodation or outdated hotels built in the communist time offering decent service and acceptable standard.
Luxury hotel in Albania
• High-end hotels can be found in Tirana, Saranda, Vlora and Durrës as well as resorts on the coastline
• Hotel star rating does not necessarily match the expected western standard
• Albanians are known for hospitality so lack of modern facilities is often compensated with staff’s hearty service
Albania has a typical Mediterranean climate; hot and dry summer opposite to mildly cold and wet winter time. Interior changes climate to continental and the eastern part is mostly mountainous with even lower temperatures. Summer is the perfect time to visit the country.
Tirana year-round temperatures
• From April to June and September to October is an ideal time to visit Albania
• From June to August is the peak season in Albania, with hot weather and busy coastline
Dita e Verës is a pagan holiday celebrated on March 16
Mobile coverage in Albania is really good, with some limitations in remote mountainous areas. If you wish to be connected all time best would be to purchase local SIM. You can do it upon your arrival on the airport or in one of the numerous shops in each bigger town.
Albania SIM card
• Country code: +355
• WiFi is pretty good in all bigger cities and in most hotels
• Plug types are C and F (European); standard voltage is 230 V and it operates on 50 Hz
Albanian food can be described as a blend of Turkish, Italian, Greek and Eastern European. Heavy stews, minced grilled meat, pickled salads but also Mediterranean diet with plenty of fish, feta cheese and fresh, locally grown salads. Make sure to try some of Albanian wines - this area is actually one of the first wine growing region in Europe.
Traditional restaurant in Tirana
Kukurec is lamb or goat innards in a gut casing
Baklava, same as in Turkey and Greece, pastry filled and topped with nuts and soaked in honey
Kallmet and shesh are Albanian high-quality wines
• Tipping: common, 10% on top of the total billing
For high street fashion brands Tirana offers enough shopping malls to update your wardrobe. If you wish to take something more authentic and traditional back home, an hour from Tirana is Kruja, an Ottoman bazzar offering traditional crafts.
Albanian souvenirs
• Alabasters, copper crafts, embroideries and rugs are some of the traditional items that can be found in Kruja
• Adrion bookstore is an amazing place for all bookworms
• Albanians tend to bargain whilst shopping so you can try to make your offer
By the early 90's Albania was under communism. Control of everything faded with time and today, only speaking with the elderly will give you an insight into the recent past. Albanians are very proud of their tradition and have a strong family connections which they will likely mention when inviting you for a meal or drink.
Drinking tea
• It is common to shake hands as a hello and to do the same for goodbye when meeting somebody
• Albanians usually take off their shoes when entering their or other people houses
• When saying NO Albanian people tend to nod their head or move it horizontally when something is affirmative
Despite turbulent history, Albania, for the last few decades, is a really safe country to travel. In some parts of the country, people are not used to meeting many travelers so locals can be just curious and asking many questions and often offering help and acting really hospitable.
Albanian police officer
• Due to lot of chlorine avoid drinking tap water. It is ok for toothbrushing
• Medical facilities are basic and often lack supplies. Private clinics provide much better care. Travelers are advised to take full medical insurance prior to departure.
Easiest way to get to Albania is by flying to the capital of Tirana. Other options are by boat from Greece or Italy. You can also travel overland through Montenegro, Macedonia or Kosovo but please note that border crossing can take quite long and that road conditions are not ideal.
Our travel through Albania includes the Mercedes Benz fleet for best possible comfort in given conditions.
On the streets of Tirana
• Driving side: right
• The main airport is Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza (IATA) in Tirana
• Car rental rates are higher than in Northern Europe or USA. International Driving Permit is required. Road conditions are below standard with a lot of potholes
• The best way to get around is with a private driver and guide

What to pack

For traveling to Albania you need to think seasonal. Nothing strict to be recommended but depending on your interests it is always good to have comfortable walking shoes, a rain jacket and a good guide book to have carefree travel. If main reason of your travel is Albanian coast, beach wear and insect repellent will cover the basics.

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Best to combine with

Albania is blessed by fantastic landscapes but its neighbors are fascinating as well. Easy - and not so easy - drive across, and treasures of very different neighbors reveal

N. Macedonia 
After visiting rural and urban caleidoscope of Albania, continue towards North Macedonia and its beautiful culture

Proceed to the Adriatic Sea and explore the beauties of the Montenegro coastline

The cradle of Western civilisation is not only facinating culturaly but offers some stunning seascapes just across the border

Quirks for the Curious

Communist-Era Statues
Tirana is not the most fascinating city but some parts of the center are quite unique. Enver Hoxa Mausoleum with Communist-Era Statues definitely is the place to visit! Mausoleum is in poor condition as Albanians don't care much about former dictator. The statues of prominent communist symbols used to be all over the main squares of Tirana but now all of them are on one humble location. As a reminder of the times gone by. Cool place to take a photo with statue of Stalin - rare find anywhere else in the World.
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Bunkers of Albania
One of recent symbols of the country, bunkers are still here as reminders of paranoid communist rule. All communist rules were paranoid but Albanian Enver Hoxa rule takes the first prize by a mile. Thousands of bunkers are to be found all over the country. Of course, most of them were placed strategically in the places where foreign forces could have invaded to. Hard to remove all of them, today they are just a sad reminder of the crazy times gone by.
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