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The world we live in runs on change. As businesses, environmental forces and globalization reshape landscapes and cultures, authenticity becomes elusive. To discover places which resist, holding on to the authentic in them, the curious traveler has to dig deeper, go further, sacrifice comfort, and above all, retain an open mind and a kind heart.
The Vanishing Worlds is a collection of such destinations, curated for the traveler who seeks more than a cookie-cutter journey. They all share a unique, ‘beyond-the-ordinary’ quality, and were hand-picked based on our personal experience of traveling there. With an itinerary completely tailored to your interests and abilities, through visits to remote locations and encounters with unique locals, discover these Vanishing Worlds with us - before they change.

  • Private, custom-tailored itineraries
  • Suggestions based on first-hand experiences
  • Extensive local network in all destinations
  • Once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences
  • Remote landscapes and intriguing cultures
  • Trips designed by travelers for travelers